It is impossible to ignore the excitement and hype surrounding NFTs these days, especially since they seem to be expanding their reach into all industries, from tech to entertainment, from gaming to the food industry and beyond. So, we asked ourselves at CoinGames: should we join in the fun? The answer was obviously yes. We are very happy to announce that CoinGames will release its first-ever NFT collection in Q4 of 2023 in what will be a milestone moment for our project, as we will fully incorporate ourselves in the Web3 ecosphere. But why should users choose to buy and hold NFTs? This article will describe the benefits of acquiring NFTs and will especially outline why the CoinGames collection will be an exceptional one for users to involve themselves with.  

Why are NFTs so popular these days? 

First, it’s important to point out that NFTs, like tangible pieces of art, are unique: blockchain technology is used to validate their uniqueness, meaning that counterfeit pieces will be spotted right away – so users will not get scammed into acquiring counterfeit pieces as may occur when traditional artwork is sold. The blockchain also plays a big part in securing the ownership of an NFT, which is usually stored in a person’s crypto wallet, and is therefore considered safe. Another unique aspect of NFTs, which increases their overall value, is the fact that they cannot be split into smaller units for sale but are generally only bought and sold as a whole piece, making the ownership of that one piece even more valuable. 

NFTs also have the added benefit of being readily transferrable, whether in a marketplace like OpenSea for profit, or for example among players in videogames – check out our news story about Sony’s NFT project if you want to learn more about that – “Play to earn” gaming – as an NFT transfer from one wallet to another is usually an action that takes minutes, if not seconds. 

Why should you buy a CoinGames NFT? 

In our project, we have always believed that the user should have the final say in many of our decisions, as all we do on our platform is aimed at improving user experience to the best of our abilities. Furthermore, we will be giving our community users the chance to vote on which NFTs they are particularly attracted to before we release our collection, in order to give them the best possible product in terms of aesthetics.  

The users that buy and hold our NFTs will get the chance to make REVENUE SHARE ON OUR SWAP PAGE, an unprecedented benefit in the world of NFTs – in other words, they will receive a percentage of the fee that CoinGames receives every time users swap their currency for DEGA, meaning users that acquire our NFTs will make DEGA without having to lift a finger. Moreover, our NFTs will also allow users to preview new games on the platform and exclusive promotions, including a wonderful 250% deposit bonus, among others. As the date approaches, we will also be outlining every promotion available to our NFT buyers, so that you can choose which one you’d like to take advantage of on your own terms.  

But there are also other tangible benefits that users can benefit from if they decide to buy a piece from our collection in the fall. For example, users will be able to stake their NFT to farm DEGA and therefore make tokens to play on our casino by literally not doing anything! Doesn’t that sound attractive? They will also increase in loyalty rank depending on which NFT they acquire as our users well know, the more they grow in rank, the better benefits they receive, like a significant cashback amount as well as even bigger benefits if they reach VIP status. As the date of our collection’s release approaches, we will be indicating which NFTs will grant greater loyalty status, so stay tuned if you’re interested!