Are you ready to take your gaming experience to the next level? That’s precisely why, at CoinGames, we are adding newer and improved integrations to our decentralized crypto casino platform. From enhanced bonus prizes to poker tournaments and much more, we’re getting our amazing users ready for the ultimate prize: the launch of our very own $CGT token and subsequent Airdrop!

We’ve already spoken at length about our token, it’s launch and its perks, but if you want more information about the topic, just check out our Twitter page, or click here to access our earlier article regarding $CGT. In this article, we’ll be taking a look at the best way our users can access our token Airdrop: our Leaderboard! Make sure you take notes, as over 500,000,000 tokens are up for grabs. For more information about our Airdrop and to start your decentralized gaming adventure, visit CoinGames.

Leaderboard Airdrop Offer

Our brand new Leaderboard applications contains an offer we’re sure you just won’t be able to refuse. This particular leaderboard is essentially like any other, but simply displays the loyalty points amount that every single one of our users has accrued so far over their decentralized gambling experiemce at CoinGames. So why is it that important, you may ask? Well, here’s the catch. Through our $CGT Airdrop, the users on the Leaderboard will walk away with a share of 400,000,000 tokens!

The most important detail? The amount of tokens a user will recive through the Airdrop will depend on his or her position on the Leaderboard at the moment of the Airdrop launch. Therefore, it has never been more important for our users to win and accumulate as many loyalty points as possible, in order to receive an abundant amount of our token, which carries with it a myriad of benefits. Its important to keep in mind that the user will be able to see their total amount of loyalty points on the Leaderboard, not just those they’ve won since its implementation.

To check out our Leaderboard page, and see where you stand at the moment, click here.

How Can I Win Loyalty Points?

Seeing that our Leaderboard is based on loyaklty points accumulation, you’ll rightfully be asking yourself: how can I get as many loyalty points as possible in order to get more $CGT Tokens opnce the Airdrop launches? The answer is quite simple. Firstly, a user receives a certain amount of loyalty points for every bet he places, on either casino games or on our sportsbook. As with other systems, our Loyalty Program follows a proportionality system whereby, as users reach higher and higher ranks, their rewards will continue to improve as well.

Our program, as many of you will already know, follows a 10-level structure, the last few of which are reserved to our VIP users. As the user ascends through the tiers, cashback percentages will increase, ensuring more lucrative rewards with each level reached. Therefore, you’ve got more than just one reason to collect loyalty points!

From this month onward, users can also receive a great deal of loyalty points through our dedicated monthly or weekly promotions. These include several promotions at the end of March, such as the Elite Betmaster Tournament, Premier League Loyalty Boost and more. To chcek out our active promotions, head over to the CoinGames promo page, or read our weekly blog newsletter outlining the promotions for every specific week of the month.

Getting your loyalty points was never more important. By topping the Leaderboard you’ll not only be accumulate the most $CGT tokens once our Airdrop begins, but you’ll also benefit from scaling our program ranks and getting higher cashback percentages.