A filing from the US Office of Government Ethics has shown that Donald Trump has made anywhere between $100,000 and $1 million from the sale of his branded NFTs. The collection was well received both by the crypto community and by Trump fans, with 45,000 pieces selling out in less than a day. The collectibles were released in December, but it has spiked in price only in the past weeks following the former president’s arraignment related to commercial fraud for secret payments. In fact, the largest spike in price happened only 12 hours after Trump’s offenses were made official. 

According to on-chain data from NFT aggregator CryptoSlam, as a CoinDesk article points out, the project has raked in over $19 million since its inception, between NFT sales, sponsorships, speaking engagements and more. The collection is an enticing one for the former president’s die-hard fans, as its perks included exclusive in-person meetings with Trump, as well as video calls, autographs and other rewards, although it’s unclear whether the prizes were indeed delivered to the buyers.