CoinGames has the ambition of acting as a technologically advanced product where the souls of blockchain and gaming enhance each other, paving the way for new possibilities, paradigms and experience for its own clients, including interactive social network opportunities to win bonuses and free spins, and a profitable loyalty program. It is no surprise, therefore, that CoinGames is the first online casino that is fully managed by smart contracts.

CoinGames is a crypto casino facility and service provider. In our casino, registered users can choose to play a variety of games using digital currencies. Among the games we offer users in our facilities are baccarat, poker, blackjack and roulette, as well as over 5,000 others. We also have over 60 providers, including Evolution Gaming, Pragmatic Play, Play’n Go and Bgaming.

Upon completing registration to our platform, a player will be able to deposit funds directly into their account. There are no restrictions for international payments and deposits from foreign countries. We will initially only be accepting Paycryptos, and subsequently we will also be accepting DEGA tokens as a manner of payment upon our launch in the Web 3 ecosphere in early November. Our DEGA token is completely backed to Bitcoin, meaning its price is anchored to that of BTC. The DEGA token is managed by our smart contract that acts as a Vault by issuing the token only against a BTC deposit, guaranteeing its fixed exchange.

Our main innovative feature is the fact that our framework is based on a smart contract we call the Vault, whose automation and incorruptibility of Vault guarantees the transparency and certainty of the value of the DEGAs, always allowing the BTCB – DEGA exchange. The Vault essentially ​​represents the system of maximum transparency that DeGa offers to the ecosystem and that allows DEGA to be a universal fiches accepted by anyone. It allows for users to carry out instantaneous withdrawals upon the completion of certain game criteria, such as wagering requirements, meaning that the user’s funds are always in their control. 

We base our platform’s operations on the BSC (Binance Smart Chain), which is a network that is managed by the Binance company and can be defined as a decentralized but organized network with nodes maintained by a single legal entity. This feature makes it a very fast network with execution levels not reachable by other blockchains. The BSC is totally transparent and users can verify all transactions, as well as the operation of the network itself.