Crypto casinos all over the world are decentralizing and revolutioning the gaming industry, giving users a more transparent and facilitated playing experience. These crypto and blockchain applications are moving the entire industry toward a more decentralized future, when other platforms will be able to offer massive benefits to their users, just like CoinGames is now doing with our $CGT token launch, Raffle implementation and more. At CoinGames, we aim to foster a vibrant gaming community while continously enhancing and decentralizing our crypto casino platform to meet the evolving edge of our users.

And a part of this decentralized enhancement is our Rising Legends NFT collection of course! Our collection features over 10,000 unique pieces of art all based around our Medieval-themed loyalty and VIP rank program. Rising Legends will be releasing very soon, and part of our community will also be able to access the exclusive Whitelist through our dedicated promotions! (For more info, head over to Coingames’s promotions page here). Now let’s take a look at the perks of our NFT collection for users.

At CoinGames, we want to offer our users the best possible experience while playing on our platform and have therefore designed and programmed a rewards-based benefit system when it comes to our NFT collection. Users will therefore receive sneak peeks of upcoming games, exclusive prizes and even the chance to generate their very own tokens by essentially doing nothing! Through our NFT collection, we aim to provide users with unique and rewarding experiences to enhance their decentralized gaming journey. Major notable perks of our Rising Legends collection include:

  1. Revenue Share: We are proud to introduce a revolutionary approach to reward our dedicated NFT buyers and community. As a result, we’ve decided that a significant protion – 10% – of our casino’s Net Gaming Revenue (NGR), will be earmarked for direct redistribution to our esteemed NFT holders.
  2. Staking: Earn while you hold! This is an entirely new benefit that no centralized platform can guarantee. By decentralizating our casino, we’re able to offer our users this amazing perk: here’s how it works. Holders of our exclsuive NFTs can ejoy the unique ability of staking these digital assets and therefore earn tokens passively. Essentially, the more NFTs you hold, the greater your staking power, leading to enhanced token rewards that will fuel your crypto gaming adventures.
  3. VIP and Loyalty: Here’s another unique benefit linked to our decentralized platform’s collection. Each NFT in our collection isn’t just a unique piece of digital art, but also your gatweay to different levels of prestige in our Loyalty and VIP System. For example, if you hold a “King” NFT, you’ll automatically ascend to the highest level in our casino’s system and automatically become one of our esteemed VIPs. In other words, the rarer your NFT, the better your loyalty rank will be!
  4. Exclusive Previews and Promotions: As our NFT holder, you’re at the forefront of dcentralized innovation in the gaming sector. Therefore we will offer you exlusive access to sneak peeks and erly previews of new slots we will be implementing on our casino before they are actually released. You’ll also be eligibe to participate to exclusive tournaments and contests tailor-made for our amazing NFT community, with unparalleled prizes at stake. In addition, you’ll be able to receive exclsuive promotions such as enhanced odds on many sport events and markets, as well as unique deposit bonuses and much more yet to discover.

We are delighted to offer these and many other benefits to our esteemed NFT community because it is thgey that have believed and advanced our decentralized gaming model forward. Crypto gaming will be at its finest when all platforms will be able to offer similar applications and opportunities to their users. As Web3 applications continue to be incorporated into the gaming sector, NFTs will become a pivotal part of this revolution, offering users unprecedented benefits while advancing the decentralized cause. At CoinGames we are ready to take this next step along side our users with the release of our Rising Legends NFT collection. The question now is: are you?

To learn much more about our NFT collection and its perks, and to start your crypto gaming journey, visit CoinGames today!