Today, users from all over the world are met with a massive variety of gambling options: from online poker tournaments, to sports betting establishments, to decentralized crypto casinos, like CoinGames. However, this was not always the case. While gambling attitudes and methods have certainly evolved in a quick manner especially over the last decades, gambling had mostly remained the same over previous millennia. In fact, gambling started well before people had even invented physical currency, when they would bet on other belongings like livestock and even land. We have evidence of gambling being practiced by ancient civilizations in Rome, Egypt and even China before the year 0.

Once currency began to be used around the 7th century, people started to use money, but not in a regulated manner until almost 1000 years after. This occured with the creation and establishment of the world’s first-ever casino in the mid-1600s. This occurred in Venice, which at the time was a rich, multicultiral republic that made a massive cunk of its welth through trade. Therefore, the oldest casino in the world is the Casino’ di Venezia that was officially opened in 1638, and still sits on the city’s Grand Canal. It was orginially a theater, called Saint Moses, which however featured a win of teh palace solely for gambling purposes during spectacle intermissions.

According to Architectural Digest, the city of Venice finally acquired the building in 1946, but not before the Casino’ di Venezia sparked a casino craze in the city, which saw an additional 120 casinos built on the lagoon before the 19th century. Today, the casino is still open to customers, who can play a variety of games: the casino’s catalog includes blackjack, roulette and poker tables, as well as baccarat and over 600 slot machines. The casino is now also known for hosting tournaments for pros, like the World Poker Tour.

Another iconic casino from back in the day is the Casino de Monte Carlo in Monaco. The casino was opened up for gambling in 1865, and has since then been a destinbation for wealthier individuals and hosts more excluive events. Much like the Casino di Venezia, this one has also withstood the changing times of the past centuries, evolving and adpating in a way that has allowed it to continue to this day to be perhaps the most recognizable casino outside of Las Vegas. Players can still enjoy a variety of slot machines and table games at the Casino de Monte Carlo, as well as a number of high-profile spectacles and concerts, bossting the country’s tourism.

Casinos became a cultural phenomenon in the latter half of the 20th cebtury as well, when many movies and productions for example centered around the likes of Atlantic City in New Jersey and Las Vegas as a party and gambling destination, or for example the Casino de Monte Carlo being featured in more than one James Bond film. Today, casinos are still relatively popular destinations for tourists and locals alike, but with the advent of online gambling, users havce more optiuons to choose from. These important institutions should continue to be respected and used – as many land-based casinos have indeed become cultural icons for their respective locales – but the ever-changing betting landscape will probably ensure that more and more users transition to an online form of betting.

Especially with the inception and development of decentralized crypto casinos like ours, users can benefit from faster transaction times and enhanced transparency as opposed to traditional forms of gambling. By being built on the blockchain, crypto casinos eliminate the need for intermediaries and make tramsactions much more seamnless through the usage of crypto tokens and smart contracts. This efficinet method is sure to continue evolving and improving in the coming years, and will likely continye to attract more and more traditional gamblers to its side of the pond: its the way gambling history has always naturally progressed.

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