At CoinGames we are overjoyed to announce the start of two more Zealy sprints in the month of April! Unlike our previous iterations, these sprints will last two weeks each, and our enterprising task hunters will be eligible to receive certain amazing and unprecedented rewards for their efforts! At CoinGames, we aim to build a decentralized Web3 community based on trust and merit: by believing in our project, you believe in us who work behind the scenes. For that we are extremely grateful, and what better way to show off our gratuitude than by implementing new features, tasks and incredible prizes?

What is Zealy?

First of all, for those unfamiliar with this amazing platform, let’s take a look at what Zealy is and how it works. Essentially, we can classify Zealy as a “task/quest” platform, where users are asked to complete certain quests/tasks for specific projects they can choose and in exchange receive some lucrative rewards – which are chosen and classified by those prohects themselves. In addition to it being a platform where users can receive fruitful benefits, Zealy is also a very user-friendly website that is simple to navigate and use by pretty much anyone.

When arriving on the online platform, users can easily surf between different communities to find one they already know and are passionate about, or find new intriguing ones they want ot become a part of. Zealy’s community classifications (ex. “New”, “Trendy”, etc.) make it easy for a new user to explore a particular segment of projects they are curious about or want to learn more about. With that being said, let’s see why Zealy is such an important space for Web3 projects like CoinGames.

Zealy and Web3: A Match Made in Heaven

In the Web3 sphere, it can be difficult sometimes for users unfamiliar with crypto or blockchain to understand what a project does or how it can be beneficial to them. It can also be quite difficult to garner a dedicated decentralized community that are passionate about the same thing in crypto. Or it can also be complicated for new, hyped concepts to gain traction – as could be the case for “crypto casinos”, intially. In this regard, Zealy is a platform that offers such projects a solution. As a BitDegree piece puts it: “Crypto and Web3 natives need innovative, appealing methods to engage with the projects that they like. Zealy offers a method like that.”

As the blockchain and Web3 ecosphere continues to evolve and innovate, these projects and companies will need more users. And indeed Zealy is certainly a great way to incentivize potential users – not just through great prizes and rewards, but through the gamification process of task completion. By implementing Zealy’s functionalities similarly to those of any videogame – where you as the user need to complete challanges and tasks to achieve next levels – so the gamification of the Web3 and crypto industries continues, something we spoke about in a previous article about NFTs.

With this new incentivization method within the world of up-and-coming Web3 decentralized projects, attracting new users will become an easier accomplishment, and what’s more those same users will enjoy Zealy’s features so much that projects will simply have to run more sprints! Seeing as we’vre reached the end of our general Zealy overview, let’s take a look at how we’ve incorporated tasks in our very own decentralized crypto casino project, and what scintillating awards await our curious explorers in the month of April.

CoinGames Zealy April Sprints

Unlike our more recent Zealy sprints, which were all month-long, we’ve decided to offer our amazing users two sprints in the month of April, both of which will last precisely two months. What does that mean? Well, in essence, bigger and better rewards for topping our quest leaderboard! In addition, we are also adding brand new quests to keep interest high among our community. As ypou may know, the next months will be full of launches, announcements and innovations at CoinGames, as we will soon release our Rising Legends NFT collection, as well as our very own $CGT token.

To celebrate all these achievements, we’ve also introduced brand new promotions and dedicated tournaments for our users. Depositing and playing at CoinGames has never been so fun and intriguing: in April, you’ll not only be playing for the thrill of winning a spin or sports bet on your favorite team, but also to gather as many experience points as possible to reach the apex of our Zealy sprint. And trust us, you’ll want to win out in April.

Why is that, you ask? Simply put, the cash prize for the winner of each of our sprints in April has skyrocketed to a whopping $400!! In additon, all users in the top five ranking will receive rewards ranging from $100 to $250. If that’s not enough to get you playing, I don’t know what will!

CoinGames Tasks

As usual, we will have a vastly diverse array of tasks for our Zealy users to complete with regards to our decentralized casino platform. You can beging by simply betting on a game you like, with the added thrill of taking home the winnings if your wager is successful, but also with the knowldege that nevertheless you’ll be scaling the Zealy leaderboard. You can also gather experience points by simply depositing in the deicated currency as specified by the task, or join our Discord server to request codes for exclusive promotions that, when activated and played, will earn you a whole lot of points and direct you towards victory.

But the easiest taks or all that any user can complete in a matter of seconds regards social media achievements. By simply following our CoinGames Official Twitter page, you can start to scale the Sprint mountain in a timely fashion. This is probably the easiest task you’ll come by in any Zealy community – so its definneteley worth a go, don’t you think? You’ll also be able to like, share and retweet our posts to receuve even greater benefits. And after casino and social media, we’ve even got blog tasks for you! These will consist in answering trivia questions and reading our article, which we know will be an enjoyable experience for our inquisitive Zealy explorers.


With all that being said, Zealy is certainly proving to be a magnificent tool for Web3 and decentralized projects to expand their audienece and indeed start off a dedicated community that is apssionate about crypto, blockchain and everything in between. With the CoinGames decentralized casino April sprints, Zealy users have the unique opportunity to take home a stunning $400 in each sprint! All you need to do is start completing our task lists, beginning from following CoinGames on Twitter and playing on our platform – an experience we’re sure you won’t soon forget!

If you want to take a look at the CoinGames Zealy Quests, simply click here!