Do you love NFTs and are you looking out for a new and exciting collection? Well look no further! CoinGames is planning to release its collection in late September, making its pieces available to is users and anyone else that is interested in benefiting from all the perks they entail. At CoinGames, we want to offer our users the best possible experience while playing on our platform and have therefore designed and programmed a rewards-based benefit system when it comes to our NFT collection, with which users will receive sneak peeks of upcoming games, exclusive prizes are even the chance to generate DEGA tokens by essentially ding nothing! 

If you are curious about the benefits and utilities that our NFTs can offer you, then read the list below, and don’t forget to check out the CoinGames blog for more updates regarding our NFT collection, news from the crypto world, and more! If you are therefore interested in buying a CoinGames NFT, here are some more reasons why that is an excellent idea: 

  • Revenue share on our swap page: As if the incredible art wasn’t enough, by buying one of our NFTs, depending on the level of it – they will follow our Loyalty Point structure – you will have the opportunity to earn a percentage of the fee generated on our swap page every time users exchange their currency for DEGA. This is an unbelievable chance to generate revenue by simply being a part of our growing ecosystem, because we appreciate each and every single one of our users that believed in our project and are an integral part in helping us evolve and improve! 
  • Staking and farming opportunities: In addition to receiving a percentage of the swap fee, users who buy our NFTs will also be able to generate their own DEGA by essentially doing next to nothing! How is that possible, you may ask? By staking their NFTs, users can farm DEGA tokens, allowing them to play on our platform while holding their digital assets (simply by not selling them). It’s a definite win-win situation that offers our amazing users the exciting potential to earn DEGA! If you are interested in learning more about farming in the crypto ecosphere, take a look at this article from our blog: 
  • Loyalty and VIP Rank: Our NFT collection will be based upon our inventive Loyalty Program designs, so it would only make sense for us to intricate the two even further. Therefore, depending on the level of the acquired NFT, users will ascend in loyalty ranks and may even achieve VIP status! With each rank comes a series of incredible benefits that will most certainly enhance our users’ overall CoinGames experience. If you want to learn more about the rewards associated to each level of our loyalty ranks, take a look at this article: 
  • Exclusive Game previews: Our NFT holders will enjoy an additional special privilege that we are sure all gaming enthusiasts will appreciate: a sneak preview of all the new games that we will be incorporating into the CoinGames platform in the upcoming months. Get ready for an exclusive glimpse into the future of CoinGames and follow our social media pages for every update regarding our best and newly released games! 
  • Exclusive promotions: Holders of our NFTs will also receive access to a variety of our outstanding exclusive promotions tailored specifically for them. This is our own personal way of showing appreciation to them for their support and loyalty.