CoinGames, as the leading decentralized licensed online crypto casino, has been introducing new and unprecedented applications for the better part of a year. Since our launch, we have focused on giving our valued user the best possible decentralised experience, which is what playing on a crypto casino should be all about. For this reason we initially introduced our DEGA token, which our users probably know quite well by now. It’s also why we focused on a loyalty program that prioritized user benefits such as cashbacks and dedicated promotions.

In the near future, CoinGames will be expanding into the decentralized ecosystem with two big innovations. First of all, our first and very own NFT collection, called Rising Legends, will be available for pre minting and minting, and users can already get the chance to enter the exclusive whitelist through some of our amazing promotions, which you can find by clicking here. But, in this article, we will be focusing on DEGA’s evolution: our very own $CGT token!

What is $CGT?

$CGT is the token that will serve as the foundation for the entire CoinGames ecosystem. It will serve as the native currency for the CoinGames casino and sportsbook platform, as well as for the new Raffle implementation that users can participate in every week. As the backbone of our decentralized casino, $CGT, much like DEGA, will ensure that users play in a transparent, fair and seamless manner, and will also continue to enhance and automate the way transactions should be carried out in a crypto casino environment. With that being said, what are the applications that our $CGT token will be a part of? Let’s find out.

Applications of $CGT & Airdrop Possibilities


Our users will be able to receive a portion of our $CGT tokens upon its launch through our biggest and best airdrop yet, where we have allocated a whopping 550,000,000 units for distribution. At this point you would rightfully ask yourself: how can i participate to this Airdrop and ensure I receive a large sum of tokens? Well, here’s the answer.


We have implemented a brand new leaderboard where all our users can participate and check out how many loyalty points they have accrued on CoinGames by wagering and participating in dedicated promotions. The leaderboard will continue to be active until our Airdrop date, upon which, depending on the position on the leaderboard, users will receive a specific quantity of $CGT tokens. This means that, to receive a higher amount of tokens, users will need to accumulate as many loyalty points as possible – in order to climb the leaderboard. Our amazing team has implemented some spectacular casino and sportsbook promotions over the next couple of months which will give you the added benefit of receiving large quantities of loyalty points.

NFT Holders

As a revolutionary decentralized crypto casino, you can imagine we are very proud and fond of our first-ever NFT collection, as you may have guessed in the introductory section of this article. This is why we have decided to reward and recognise our staunch NFT holders once the launch occurs. The users holding our NFTs on the date of the Airdrop will cumulatively receive 10% of the Airdrop allocation by simply holding the digital assets. The NFT holders form the cornerstone of our dynamic digital community: with $CGT they can enhance this community even further.

Quest Participation

We are happy to welcome our Zealy and Galxe users into the CoinGames crypto casino ecosphere! Participants of the quests in these respective platforms have embarked on a journey alongside CoinGames, and we are very happy to reward them for their loyalty by allocating 1% of the total Airdrop amount for them. They will be allocated the $CGT tokens upon completion of the quests detailed on the platforms. We hope that these curious explorers will continue their journey with CoinGames, and embark with us on an unprecedented decentralized voyage!

Casino Early Adopters

These users undoubtedly hold a special place in our hearts. For those who believed in our project since the beginning, and who were absolutely instrumental in shaping our platform’s growth, we’ve decided to allocate 8% of the total Airdrop amount. This is our very own way of saying thank you to those who stuck by our decentralized crypto casino since day one and shaped what we are today.

$CGT Buy and Burn

Token buybacks and burns are a great way to enhance the value of a particular asset. It essentially consists in reducing the overall supply of a crypto token, while the burning process basically has the goal of limiting supply for the token and stabilizing its price. According to a Binance article, “Crypto have experienced the turbulence of price dynamics as well as increasing competition with other tokens on the market. This is one of the reasons blockchain-based projects have started applying two types of approaches to stimulate prices and control their emissions – buybacks and burns.”

How CoinGames Will Buy & Burn

In order to commence buy backs and burns on our $CGT token upon its launch, these are the steps we at CoinGames have committed to:

  1. Casino NGR (Net Gaming Revenue): 15%
    • A portion of the revenue generated from our casino games contributes to the Monthly Buy and Burn program. As our casino flourishes, so do the rewards for our community.
  2. Sportsbook NGR (Net Gaming Revenue): 10%
    • The thrill of sports betting is not just limited to the game; it extends to your CGT holdings. With 10% of the Sportsbook NGR allocated to the Monthly Buy and Burn, your involvement in sports wagering becomes even more rewarding.

Much like a stock buyback, which lowers the number of shares on the market, our allocated NGR funds will be used to buy $CGT tokens. This means that the acquired tokens will be permanently removed from circulation, thereby reducing the supply and increasing the demand from the tokens, making them a more valuable asset.

$CGT Benefits

Gambling Rewards

$CGT holders will unlock tailored promotions especially crafted for them, as well as exclusive tournaments only they will participate in. These tailored promotions include enhanced deposit bonuses and exclusive cashbacks. This is our way of rewarding our token holders directly on our casino, just as we will do for our esteemed NFT holders.

Staking $CGT Benefits

By staking $CGT tokens, users will be able to open the door to exclusive rewards. As a token of our appreciation for the users’ commitment, they will receive regular rewards directly proportional to the amount of $CGT they stake. Essentially, the more you stake, the greater your potential earnings.

Value Appreciation

With a decreasing supply of $CGT due to regular token burns, the scarcity of tokens tends to drive up their value. This creates a positive impact on the overall value of your $CGT holdings.

For more information and updates regarding our $CGT token launch, our Airdrop eligibility or upcoming promotions, see other articles in our CoinGames blog or visit CoinGames and start your decentralized crypto casino journey today!