The final stage of the 2023 Cricket World Cup is at the doors, and we have a warmup for the semifinal in store as India face the Netherlands in the last group stage game. The hosts come into this match in Bangalore on a wave of enthusiasm, as India has won 8 games. They have, as a result, locked up top spot in this phase of the competition. Therefore, the match versus the Netherlands will make no difference to their final standing. It is rather a matchup India will use to ensure that they arrive to the semifinal in fine form. The Netherlands, on the other hand, were eliminated earlier on in the group stage when they lost to England. India would love nothing more than to come into their semifinal against New Zealand with momentum waving them onward.

India has been our favourite to win the competition for weeks now. As a result, we see no way they would be able to lose their concentration so close to the finish line. Next week’s semifinal encounters will be a fascinating watch, on the other hand, as the reigning champions have been eliminated. New Zealand qualified by getting a result against already-eliminated Sri Lanka, and will face the hosts. On the other side, South Africa will battle Australia for a ticket to the final. We have India winning this warmup for the semifinal, and indeed the rest of the tournament.