The most prestigious annual tennis tournament has just started and so far, it is not far behind the drama and buzz around it.

Matches are being delayed because of the heavy rain, but Djokovic is not messing around: he won five games in a row including two breaks. Andy Murray is out of the singles and will play doubles with brother Jamie. Jessica Bouzas Maneiro is living “one of the most important moments in her life” by beating the defending champ Marketa Vondrousova. Djokovic is just warming up for his match against Vit Kopriva on Centre.

As you can see there is no lack of excitement and dramatic events here. For tennis betters, it’s extremely important to stay on top of the events and make valid analyses, considerations, and odds before placing their bets. Finally, betting is not all about luck. At CoinGames, we’re all about “bet smart, win hard”.

Let’s quickly touch base on the brief history and significance of Wimbledon and the importance of it for tennis betters worldwide.

Then we will proceed with:

· Analyzing the top contenders

· Unique traditions and betting markets

· Betting tips for tennis enthusiasts to enjoy the biggest tennis feast in the world and win some cash.

Why Wimbledon Championship is so important for tennis betters worldwide? Short background info Wimbledon is extremely significant for tennis betters worldwide due to its long history and reputation and the highest level of competition.

Wimbledon is one of the four Grand Slam Events first held in 1877. The tournament attracts the best and most popular tennis players on the planet, ensuring enormous attention and competitive odds for the betters. Due to its high popularity and the big names involved in this tournament, Wimbledon receives a high media coverage which gives betters more flexibility in obtaining information, statistics, and live updates for more accurate analysis. Last but not least, Wimbledon offers a wide range of betting options, from outright winners to individual match outcomes, set scores, and in-play betting attracting tennis betters of diverse interests.

Wimbledon 2024: Top Contenders

While Carlos Alcaraz and Marketa Vondrousova are among the favorites with a possibility to defend their titles, this year’s focus is on other players too, both in men’s and women’s singles draws.

Novak Djokovic

Novak Djokovic has no intention to step back despite a knee injury he suffered at the French Open forced him to withdraw from the clay-court major. Djokovic insists that his knee is ready for the grass-court major and is currently ranked as the No. 2 seed. Djokovic had been running five consecutive Wimbledon titles until last year when he gave up to Alcaraz. Djokovic’s most intriguing competition in the bottom half of the draw is Alexander Zeverev, who he could meet in the semifinals. If Djokovic proves that the knee injury will not come along the way, he could make another run of the Wimbledon final.

Carlos Alcaraz

Carlos Alcaraz has already won two major events this year – Indian Wells and the French Open. This looks promising but winning back-to-back Grand Slams in less than a month is not an easy task. Especially in such a tournament as Wimbledon, where competition is at the highest level with intense rivalry. Currently, Alcaraz has to face the top-ranked Jannik Sinner, second-rank Novak Djokovic, fourth-ranked Alexander Zverev, fifth-ranked Daniil Medvedev, and seventh-ranked Hubert Hurkacz.

Jannik Sinner

Sinner won his first Grand Slam Crown at the Australian Open and reached the semifinals of the French Open, has been in a long-term rivalry with Alcaraz. He has 15 career singles titles and has finished second four times. Sinner became the highest-ranked Italian singles player when he reached No. 1 on June 10th.

Along with Djokovic, Alcaraz, and Sinner, we have Zverev who has 23 career championships and 12 runner-up titles. He has won two tournaments this year and reached the finals of the French Open and the semifinals of the Australian Open.

Unique Traditions and Tennis Betting Markets

Tennis betting markets, just like any sports betters, are leveling up with enhanced Web3 implementations for more accurate predictions. Now numerous options are available each relating to different aspects of the game. This gives a lot more information to work with for more accurate bets but, in the meantime may result in some challenges among the newcomers. Before diving into tennis betting it’s important to understand the basics of this sport and the various markets available. Learn the structure of tennis matches, scoring, and rules to use this in-detail information to your favor for informed bets. Understand that

betting markets range from simple outright winner bets to more options like match handicaps, over/under totals, and correct score bets. Choose the ones you’re more likely to be convenient with and bet accordingly. In addition, don’t forget to stay informed about the players’ performance, their background, current physical conditions, and match conditions as opposed to the players’ strong and weak points. For example, this year is humid with a lot of rain that even caused game delays. The weather conditions especially humidity may cause a slight inconvenience for Djokovic with a knee injury. In addition, never ignore media coverage. Media covers all the gossip, most talked topics, and information into short and simple articles or reports helping people understand the situation and make assumptions. If you combine these three key factors, you may increase your chances of successful betting and potential big wins.

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Betting Tips:

How to analyze player form and match conditions

As mentioned earlier gathering information about players and match conditions are two of the main cornerstones of successful betting. Here are the top things you should consider when analyzing players’ forms and match conditions.

· Recent Performance: Although not always accurate, checking the player’s recent performance may give a clue about these players’ chances. Look at their wins, losses, and performance after the winnings and losses. It’s important to learn both about the player’s “quality” and character.

· One-to-One Records: Analyze previous matches between the specific players. Some players are consistently performing positively or negatively against specific opponents.

· Surface Performance: Is the player quick in movements? Wimbledon is played on grass and this may be an advantage for players with instant reactions.

· Injury Reports: Although history has shown that even with injuries players have been able to take the title thanks to their character and motivation, physical condition is still important and is an outside factor. So, analyze the injury type, what are the odds the player can pass behind it.

Strategies for live betting during Wimbledon

· Weather Conditions: As mentioned earlier, weather is a serious aspect to pay attention to. Wimbledon is performed on grass and this year stands out with its pouring rain. We have already witnessed two delayed matches because of weather conditions in Wimbledon.

· Player Schedule: Did the player have a hard win in the previous match? How long did the previous matches last? These facts may influence the players’ next match.

· External Factors: Do fans or media have high expectations from a specific player? Does this player have any emotional pressure? These are all factors that may potentially have an impact on the outcome of the match.

Strategies for Live Betting During Wimbledon

Are you a fan of betting during the live matches? Betting during live matches is even more exciting and keeps adrenaline high. However, it’s crucial to be super attentive and pay attention to what may seem minor details, such as:

· Players’ attitude: Does the player become more confident and motivated at some point in the match or the other way around? Even if a specific player is losing, that fact may be a motivation for them to push harder.

· Pay closer attention to Player Statistics:

· Casino sportsbooks and blogs give analysis before the match. This analysis comes from experts who are constantly monitoring and following the matches. In the meantime, there are numerous specialized apps to follow.

· Consider Players’ Physical Condition During the Match: Some players are passive at the beginning and then suddenly “wake up” in the middle of the match. Others push hard at the beginning and then struggle to maintain their level of play, especially in long matches.

· Adapt to Court Conditions: Adjust your bets according to players’ flexibility in adapting to current conditions, ex. the weather conditions, technical issues, fans’ pressure, etc.

· Utilize Cash-Out Options: Many sportsbooks including CoinGames’ sportsbook allow cash-outs during live betting. Know where to stop. Use this feature to make the most out of your bet, when you feel uncertain about the outcome.

· Follow Live Commentators: Besides following casino blogs and specific apps, following live commentators is still the most beneficial. Don’t forget that live commentators don’t miss a single game, know every detail about the tournament, and pay close attention to every minor factor because it’s their job to give interesting and logical comments to build a discussion.

In conclusion, sports betting whether it’s tennis betting, football, basketball, or any other sport has become much more than a lucky shot. Amidst the development of decentralized crypto casinos and sportsbooks, like CoinGames, now it’s possible to give in-detail information to build your prediction on. On the other hand, smart betting increases your chances of winning. Before making any bets, make sure you choose the best sportsbook

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