It’s true, it’s hard to beat playing in a real-life casino – surrounded by eager people on all sides, looking for a spot at the blackjack table, or perhaps impatiently awaiting the spinning ball to land on their desired color at the roulette table. The thrill of beating the dealer at blackjack or successfully bluffing an opponent at poker is also difficult to replicate anywhere else. However, a new option has recently become widely available for avid players everywhere – online live casino! 

Online live casino settings give players a number of benefits that land-based casinos cannot and, while they may perhaps not have the same atmosphere of a physical casino, they offer as close an alternative as possible, all from the comfort of your home, or wherever else you want to play from! The convenience of playing form wherever, in addition to live game interactions with hosts and even other players, like in a land-based casino, are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the benefits of playing online live casino games. 

Timing and Comfort 

A major benefit of playing online live casino is the timing surrounding the game. In many land-based casinos, players will be required to join a game before it starts – as is usually the case for example in casino poker tables – but, on the other hand, users can access online casino games at any time they wish, as most providers tend to offer a large number of table games with various hosts. This increases the level of comfort a player can feel, essentially accessing a live game whenever they want, from wherever they want, if their internet connection is running at an acceptable level. This also means that they won’t have to pay any travel expenses in order to get to a casino, a small but significant difference fro many people. 

The improved level of comfort surrounding online live casino games is one of the main reasons why they increased in popularity in recent years. The fact that the online versions is also very similar to the real-life version of live casino games adds to the authenticity of the gaming process: enjoying a table game with a live dealer and with real life people playing alongside or against you, as well as the fact that camera feeds allow you to witness the gaming process, such as the dealer handing out cards and rolling a ball adds a considerable amount of transparency to the online gaming process by making it easy to follow for players from their own homes or wherever they choose to play from. 

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Interaction, Fairness and Protection 

As stated above, the live spin of the roulette or shuffling and dealing of cards adds to the veracity of the gaming process in online live casino gaming. But what really sets it apart is the interaction between the user at home and the dealer in the studio (or the other players as well). These high-definition feeds are meant to make the user feel like he or she is playing at an actual casino and are a valid attempt at recreating the jovial interaction between players and the dealer as they play it out for the game’s highest prize. The user does not need to worry, as the online games are handled by a professional host, just like they would be in a land-based scenario.  

The cutting-edge technology in use at online casinos, especially at CoinGames, as it is a fully decentralized gaming platform, ensures a high level of protection of the user’s personal information and data. In addition, online live casino platforms do not use random-number generators (RNGs) to determine the outcomes of a hand or game, but rather the outcome depends solely on the actions of the real dealer leading the game session, as happens in any other real-life casino.  

Wouldn’t you play with a higher degree of tranquility if you were certain that the online casino you were playing in was not taking your data to sell to third parties, that the outcome of every hand is totally random and that the games you want to play are headed by professional hosts, just like in land-based casinos? If your answer is yes, then join the CoinGames casino today and give our live games a go from wherever you wish, whenever you wish!