At CoinGames we have an amazing update for all our users! As promised, our decentralized launch would lead to even greater benefits to our players, since our platform’s decentralization is allowing for the facilitation of all user processes, including deposit and withdrawal, which are now essentially instantaneous. The great update we want to share with you is that we are now accepting not just one, but three wallets to connect and play on our platform! 

In fact, the CoinGames platform is now compatible with Coinbase Wallet and Trust Wallet, in addition to MetaMask, the original wallet on which we based our operations. By expanding the range of wallets that players can use to connect to our platform, we hope to give our users more leeway and availability, rather than cutting down the option to just one and therefore not our users other options than to install MetaMask in the case they are not already using it. 

Both Coinbase and Trust Wallet also have a range of benefits that its users can take advantage of. The Coinbase wallet, for example, already has a myriad of networks configured within it – including Polygon, BNB Chain, Solana and others – and its private keys are stored directly on the user’s mobile device rather than in a centralized exchange like The exchange and the wallet have a reputably high safety standard, and has a high-degree of user friendliness, as setting up the wallet and brining in crypto assets is very easy. If you are not sure how to set up your Coinbase or Trust Wallet, then click here for more details. 

Trust Wallet is also a friendly option for users, with the added advantage that it provides support to more cryptocurrencies than many of its competitors: as written by Cointelegraph, Trust Wallet is Binance’s official wallet, supporting over 65 blockchains and granting access to roughly 4.5 million crypto assets. In fact, unlike other wallets that usually only support ERC-20 tokens, Trust Wallet also grants its users the possibility of trading crypto from third-party platforms, where they can stake and even earn rewards if they so desire. 

CoinGames is proud to be able to offer these upgraded choices to our users, as we strive to facilitate the gaming process as much as possible, in order for our players to have the entertainment experience they desire and deserve. If you have any queries regarding the integration of Coinbase Wallet and Trust Wallet on our platform, feel free to have a look at some of our other articles regarding this topic or pop us a message on any of our social media channels.