In the past years following the arrival of the covid pandemic, Google trends data for the query “bitcoin casino” have been steadily rising annually. It is not a surprising development, since crypto casinos have started to offer much better benefits to their users than traditional casinos can, starting from the most important concern of every online player: security. The decentralization of every process within the casino ensures that players’ identities remain anonymous and therefore protected, and the processes of deposit and withdrawals are greatly expedited and facilitated. Let’s see how crypto casinos are innovating the gaming sector, and what CoinGames, especially, can offer users following its decentralized launch. 

Security and Transparency: Who Doesn’t Like Them? 

As traditional online casinos rely on centralized payment methods like credit cards and bank transfers, this makes them vulnerable to involvement by malicious third parties or cyber-attacks from scammers, a negative aspect that cannot be applied to crypto casinos, which have the benefit of acting on the blockchain, where all transactions are visible to everyone. The lack of a centralized authority also means that gaming sessions are fair, as there is no one to manipulate the casino’s workings. 

At CoinGames, every aspect of the gaming process is managed by a smart contract, whose algorithm is public and accessible to all. This means that users can have the necessary peace of mind when depositing funds into the platform that they are stored as safety as possible. This is because the smart contract is immutable both by outside malicious entities – who therefore cannot access anyone’s funds – and by people within CoinGames. The smart contract is programmed in a way that the user’s funds are automatically released once they achieve a win in a game session, a wagering requirement, or other criteria. 

Anonymity: Your Data is Safe at CoinGames!  

Traditional casinos require users to provide a lot of personal information – including car details, passport image, address – only to register on their platform. This is a way for them to share your details with third parties and other partners that are interested in your details and sending you unwanted content. But it can also be dangerous is the platform suffers a cyber-attack: no one wants their card details to end up in a scammer’s hand! 

Most decentralized casinos will only ask users for their crypto wallet addresses and nothing else! This means that players can remain anonymous while playing – as they do in every crypto transaction in the world. At CoinGames, a user only needs to connect their wallet to the website in order to start playing, a process that usually only takes a few seconds. Now how does that sound? 

Fast and Cheap Transactions: More Time Means More Playing 

Traditional casinos can take days to process users’ fund movements, from big withdrawals to even deposits on their platforms, meaning that a user may have to wait ages just to start playing. This obviously impacts customer satisfaction, and it is not a surprise that crypto casinos have become a much more exciting option for users since the pandemic: at CoinGames, all user transactions are usually processed within minutes, or even seconds, as there is no middle man that the funds need to pass through before reaching the user, but are simply transferred from one wallet to the other. 

In addition, withdrawn winnings at centralized casinos may be subjected to taxes, meaning a user will not receive back all their hard-earned winnings. However, with crypto casinos, such involvements are out of the picture, and users will receive back all their winning in full, and in a much faster way as well. Playing and earning quickly and without paying any fees: why are you still playing on traditional casinos? Come join CoinGames to take advantage of all these benefits!