Its the beginning of an important few months here at the CoinGames crypto casino, as we have presented our valued users with a number of new implementations. We have introduced a brand new leaderboard based on loyalty points, and we’ve announced the launch of our own token, $CGT, which we are overwhelmingly excited for. In addition to there great new applications, we’ve also got some brand new promotions for our users to play! If you’re curious about what new bonuses we’re dropping on the week of March 11th, you’re in the right place!

Remember to accumulate as many loyalty points as you can to climb the leaderboard and receive even more $CGT tokens once our Airdrop launches! To get more information about our loyalty points structure, promotions, airdrop and much much more, visit CoinGames now! Now let’s take a closer look at this week’s spectacular promotions.

DEGA Rewards Blitz – A classic bet & get promo with a unique twist! Bet your preferred amount ($5, $10 or $20) and get a big number of DEGA back in your balance. The catch? With every bet you’ll also receive an ulterior amount of loyalty points, ranging from 20 to 150, which will also help you to climb our famed leaderboard! An added benefit of this promotion is that you can bet on any casino game you prefer!

March Madness Odds Boost – One for our most dedicated NCAA fans: we’ll not only enhance the odds of every March Madness clash, but give you more benefits as well! In fact, for every losing bet yo make on NCAA matches in march, just share it with us on our Discord page and we’ll send you an additional 50 loyalty points: a slam dunk promotion if you ask us!

Double Thrill Deposit – Experience the ultimate boost to your gaming journey with our exclusive promotion! Deposit now and receive a whopping 100% deposit boost, up to $500, along with an additional 200 loyalty points to soar to the top of the leaderboard! Take your decentralized crypto casino experience to new heights by playing this promo for a chance to win not just one, but two magnificent prizes!

Round-Riches Raffle – We’ve also got a brand new contest for our magnificent users to try out, which will undoubtedly help them to scale the loyalty points leaderboard on their way to Airdrop glory. For just a $5 entry fee, you’ll receive 100 free rounds to play on a selected game. Your free rounds winnings will determine your chances to win big in this thrilling raffle! If you finish the tournament in one of the top three spots, you’ll receive up to 500 loyalty points as well as free balance to use on other casino games, all on us! Now tell me if that doesn’t sound great?

Miami Open Cashback – Once of the biggest tennis events of the year so far is starting this week in Southern Florida, and we’re sure all our sports fans will appreciate this amazing offer! With all major players competing at this year’s Miami Masters 1000, from Alcaraz to Sinner to Medvedev and many more, whenever you place a bet on a game you’ll score big with our 50% Cashback bonus. But that’s not all! If luck isn’t on your side and that bet takes a dive, fear not – we’ve got your back! We’ll refund your stake, up to a max of $100, as a bonus. That’s right, we’re serving up a second chance to win!

If you’ve enjoyed our promotions so far in March and if you want to stay updated about all our upcoming events and bonuses, follow CoinGames on Twitter and Instagram, follow our blog or simply head on over to CoinGames today!