Japan-based video game giant Square Enix has announced a partnership with Polygon to launch an NFT project. Square Enix announced the project in November, but the partnership has only recently come into its own, as the NFT collection will supposedly be launched in the spring. The Japanese giant has only recently planed a future involvement in the crypto sector, as president Yosuke Matsuda stated in a letter published on New Year’s that the company would aggressively enter the blockchain gaming sector in order to reach new audiences. 

According to a project’s press release, the NFT collection will include pieces of digital art based on a storyline-like series that players will unfold depending on which moves they make. Only three players will be chosen to participate in a “final mission”, and will therefore decide how the story will end, rendering the whole experience a fully interactive one that intrinsically intersects the world of NFT projects with that of cutting-edge video game adventures.