OpenSea, the world’s top NFT marketplace, has recently announced its official support for the Layer 2 blockchain Arbitrum Nova. Arbitrum Nova is a new addition to the Arbitrum ecosphere, being one of the first choices for Web3 gaming and other social applications for users. It is also a cheaper alternative to Ethereum when selling or buying digital art collectibles. To announce its support, OpenSea tweeted “We’re also strengthening Nova’s ecosystem by joining the Data Availability Committee (DAC) to provide access to on-chain data and help ensure data accuracy.”

Along with Arbitrum One, that is more suitable for application related to DeFi and NFT projects, Arbitrum now offers two mainnet chains that will accommodate a range of blockchain cases, which is why OpenSea users’ access to Nova will be a more affordable alternative to Ethereum when it comes to NFT buying and selling. This move comes after OpenSea announced that it would eventually start supporting Arbitrum in late September of this year, as the first step towards building a Web3 future where people will be able to buy NFTs on their preferred chains.