At the Las Vegas CES 2023 conference in late December, Henry Bzeih, the global chief strategy officer of mobility, automotive and transportation at Microsoft, stated his willingness to “factor in the metaverse” when giving a speech about the world moving towards a more digital landscape and planning out what the Microsoft’s future may look like in that context. According to Bzeih, Microsoft is currently focusing on a cross-functional, mobile framework that is set to transform how users shop on platforms.

One such example is cars, with Bzeih making the example that, in the future, customers will be able to “configure the colors, features and functions” of a car in the metaverse, rather than doing so in an in-person meeting at a car dealership. His primary example for this feature is the Fiat 500e that Microsoft is currently featuring in its virtual car showroom that the tech giant developed alongside metaverse company Touchcast to lead the progression of the sector. 

Bzeih indicated that the future may lie in the introduction of a hybrid model that combines the innovations of the metaverse with today’s shopping functionalities that companies have already invested heavily upon, in order to not lose all that money, but at the same time ushering in a new technological framework for the future.