Republican Arizona State Senator Wendy Rogers has launched a variety of bills concerning the use of digital assets in the state, including one that has the goal of making bitcoin (BTC) legal tender in Arizona, meaning that, if passed into law, the bill would ensure that BTC would have the same status as the US Dollar in the state, therefore becoming an accepted medium of payment for any type of goods or services, including taxes and debt payment. Rogers had already tried to introduce a similar bill in 2022, but to no avail, as it was shot down by other state senators. 

The GOP state senator is not new to outbursts of support for cryptocurrencies, as well as her distrust of centralized currencies and, especially, of central banks. In a tweet from just days ago, Rogers cited investment firm Goldman Sachs, who indicated that BTC is the best performing asset in the world in 2023, just before then introducing the crypto-friendly bills in the state legislative chamber. What is left to see is whether the measures will be adopted this time around.