We know crypto has had a barreling rise in the past years, so the question consequently arose about where crypto users and enthusiasts could meet up online to discuss their strategies, projects and everything else related to the crypto world. The obvious answer was on a social media platform, but not just any channel.It would have to be a channel with live time chats and perks for those interested in joining crypto projects. One such platform is Discord, where crypto is now one of the biggest topics with about 1,800 dedicated servers.

Discord is essentially a message board composed of various servers where users can engage worldwide with other people with similar interests, be it crypto, gaming or others. It is a similar platform to the likes of Reddit, where people can also converse about common interests, but unlike Reddit, Discord has a real time chatting function which allows users to have instant communication. 

In the crypto Discord sphere, as mentioned above, server access can be restricted on the grounds of token or even NFT ownership. Users may, for example, be able to access an NFT project’s Discord server, but might not be able to access every facet of the server unless they are intrinsically involved in the project by owning a token from the collection. They may also receive special benefits on the server, such as access to early announcements and giveaways before the rest of the server is informed.

Discord initially originates as a platform that was geared towards gamers. However, by 2020, the platform’s CEO stated that “nearly 30% of active server owners on Discord had created a server for something other than games.” Not just crypto, but in recent years Discord has become a hub for people interested in many topics, from fitness to books to tv shows and more. However, Discord became a “safe space” to discuss new Web 3 and NFT projects, investment strategies and more for crypto users. 

This is primarily because of the perks that come with following such projects, but also because, similarly to gamers, crypto enthusiasts are usually not fans of producing personal info, and prefer to have anonymity, which is a feature Discord allows them to have. The whole decentralized crypto sphere is effectively an anonymous one, where blockchain transactions are only composed of wallet addresses and fund amounts rather than names, emails and account numbers. Moreover, crypto enthusiasts generally prefer not to have their face on their Discord or Telegram profiles, opting instead perhaps for an NFT they purchased or other.

While this is a major point of attraction that Discord has for crypto investors, it also has its drawbacks, as it can be an enticing place for scammers to try and act in a malicious manner. And while other chat platforms monitor conversations on some level, the anonymity and secrecy that crypto enthusiasts tend to gravitate towards would probably lead them to scorn the idea that moderators would be spying on their private chats, which is why it is always important to know what link you are clicking on and whether the person that has sent it to you is trustworthy.