The 2024 Paris Olympics are just around the corner, as the long-awaiting global sporting event will get underway in just three weeks! This year’s summer Olympic Games will run from July 26 to August 11, giving us over two weeks of high-intensity and exciting events where the world’s top athletes will compete against one another in a variety of events. Therefore, it is needless to say that fanatics of these athletes and sports will be ready to bet on their favorite competitor and team to take home the coveted gold medal! For this reason, we have created this guide to help you choose among a variety of events and guide you towards all the betting favorites! In this article, we will

  • Give an overview of the Olympic Games and their significance through history, reaching all the way to the upcoming one in Paris
  • The main events to watch along with some simple yet effective betting strategies you can use to maximize your time and output
  • The advantages of betting on the Olympics with crypto rather than traditional methods – the benefits of decentralized sports gambling

The Significance and History of the Olympics

Paris, alongside London, will become the first city to have hosted the Summer Olympics for the third time in history (since 1896), after hosting the games in 1900 and 1924.

  • There will be roughly 10,500 atheletes participating from over 209 countries in this edition of the Olympics, over a series of 329 unique events across 45 different sports – from fencing to basketball, from javelin throw to archery and much more. Acquartic sports, like diving and water polo, have the most events – 49.
  • The Olympics originally began as a religious festival in Ancient Greece that was meant to commemorate the God Zeus. The first edition of these games occurred in 776 BC in Olympia – today in Southern Greece – and hence the name “Olympics”. Interestingly, like the modern version, these games were held once every four years and attracted competitors from all over.
  • The ancient version of the Olympics lasted until the year 393 AD – after which they would not be held until 1896, when they were held – rightfully – in Athens, Greece.

How and Who to Bet on in the 2024 Olympics

Although the Olympic games are still a few weeks away, we essentially know already which athletes will participate in this year’s edition. This will help us determine which event to play, what team to back and what athlete to believe in.

  • You will certainly be able to bet on who wins the gold medal in each individual competiton out of the 32 featured sports – whether it is played singularily, in pairs or as a team. Many bookmakers will also allow you to bet on how many medals indivdual countries will win. As usual in some sports (like football) you will be able to place special bets on, for example, over/under markets. Other special bets, like false starts in swimming or running competitons, will also be made available.
  • Some sports – like football, basketball, volleyball and even tennis – give you the opportunity to play additional bets that other sports won’t give you the chance to. These include markets like exact score, red cards, both teams to score, ace quantities and much more that you can discover on CoinGames as the Olympics approach.
  • Many of the world’s top athletes and personalities will participate in this year’s editon – as in previous ones. The football tpournament will feature mostly young and upstaring players, but some starts may yet participate – like Brazil’s Vinicius Jr. Basketball will have no such problem: Jokic, Doncic, Lebron, Giannis, Curry, Durant, Embiid and Wembanyama will all feature for their respective countries, just to name a few. The same can be said for water polo, volleyball and other team disciplines as well.
  • Speaking of individual events, many starts will feature to take home the gold. The likes of Djokovic, Nadal, Alcaraz, Murray, Medvedev and Swiatek are confirmed to participate in the Tennis tournament so far, to name a few. Marcell Jacobs of Italy – who won the 100 meter sprint in Tokyo 2021 – will attempt to retain his title against Noah Lyles. Sha’carri Richardson will do the same on the women’s side for the USA. Swedish pole vaulting champion Mondo Duplantis will look to extend his record-breaking year. Simone Biles will also make a return to the gymnastics floor for team USA, as will – most likely – heavyweight British boxer Anthony Joshua. There are also a myriad of other world-famous competitors that will challenge each other for the most coveted medals in all of sports.

Crypto Betting on the Olympics

Sports betting has been a popular pastime for enthuiasts for decades. Now, however, with the option of betting with crypto, the sector has been opened to another level of efficiency, safety and user experience.

  • First off, betting with crypto offers another level of privacy and protection to the user. Cryptocurrency transactions offer a level of security and privacy that traditional betting platforms often lack. Blockchain technology, which underpins cryptocurrencies, provides a decentralized and transparent ledger, ensuring the integrity and security of each transaction.
  • Traditional betting platforms typically involve banks or payment processors, which can result in higher fees and slower transaction times. Cryptocurrency transactions, on the other hand, are processed on a peer-to-peer network, bypassing intermediaries.
  • The transparency of blockchain technology ensures that all transactions are verifiable and immutable. This transparency extends to the betting process itself, as smart contracts can be used to automate and enforce betting rules without human intervention. This reduces the potential for fraud and manipulation.
  • At CoinGames, you will have all these benefits and more when betting and playing your favorite events at the 2024 Olympic Games in Paris. We will offer you the best enhanced odds on a variety of events, which you will be able to play on our platform through a seamless decentralized experience. Join CoinGames today and start playing!