The online gaming sector has undergone a number of evolutions in past years: from the introduction of in-game digital assets (which we explained here), to the introduction of crash games, the sector has changed massively since the last decade. In this article, we’ll explore how the introduction of crash games is changing the online gaming ecosphere – in particular crypto gambling – and how two of the most popular games of this new category, Aviator and JetX, work, along with a number of perks and benefits for users. Remember, you can play a series of crash games on our CoinGames decentralized crypto casino.

Crash Games: What Differs Them?

New and innovative game concepts are being introduced in the industry to keep players engaged and improve their user experience. Currently, one genre that is captivating players is crash games. Why is that?

  • Crash games are “a captivating form of online gambling that combines elements of chance, excitement and strategy.” These games usually comprise of a moving object that, at one time or another, will explode. The goal of playing crash games is to know the best moment to cash out your winnings before said object explodes.
  • In many crash games, the object is usually some sort of aircraft: in Aviator and JetX, its an airplane; in Space XY its a spaceship. Once the craft launches, you will be able to cashout. However, the more you wait, the more your bet will be multiplied. At the same time, if you wait too much, the craft might explode before you manage or decide to cash out, and you’ll lose your wager entirely. All crash games work with this basic framework: basically, guess when it crashes and cash out before that.
  • The challenge therefore lies in deciding – or prediciting – the perfect moment to exit the game. If you do so too early, your wager will be successful but you will potentially miss out on massive winnings. For this reason, we usually suggest that a new player try out the demo versions of these games first, in order to practice and get a feel for the optimal time to withdraw their winnings.

Aviator: The Most Popular Crash Game

The Aviator Game has been gaining attention in the gaming community for its distinctive combination of immersive gameplay and exhilarating aviation experience. Aviator, from Spribe, is the gold standard for crash games, and we already reviewed it in greater detail in a previous article.

  • The Aviator crash game debuted in 2019 and was developed by Spribe Gaming. The game was revolutionary ever since its inception, being adopted by over 2000 gaming companies worldwide.
  • Aviator’e engaging gameplay draws in roughly 500 active players at any given time and has now been played by over 10 million players around the world.
  • In Aviator, the crashing object is a 1903s style plane that the user need to decipher before its crash, The game has an RTP (return to player) – the percentage a player can expect on average to get back from a specific casino game – of 97%, and is therefore quite elevated across a number of rounds.

JetX: The Modern Crash Game?

On a similar wavelength as Aviator is an older game called JetX, which was released in 2018 by provider SmartSoft, and remains to this day their very best-developed crash game. JetX – which features a modern aircraft – has some interesting features that are missing from Aviator. Let’s see what they are.

  • Starting off, just like Aviator, JetX has a Return-to-Player (RTP) of 97%. The crash game has the amazing trait of being accessible to all due to its wide wagering possibilities. In fact, players can bet as little as $0.10 per round on the crash game, and as much as $300, meaning its accessible to any and all budgets. The biggets multiplier you can win is 100x you stake on JetX.
  • The mechanics of JetX are precisely the same as those in Aviator: if the jet explodes before you collect your winnings, your wager is lost and you’ll have to restart from the next round. However, JetX has some interesing innovative features as well.
  • JeyX features something called a “Progressive Jackpot.” When a user plays with a minimum stake of $1 and reaches a multiplier of at least 1.5x (which is usually quite accessible). By completing these two criteria, the user can potentially “win a jackpot consisting of the stakes of all the other players.” You can also play two different bets at a time in one round of JetX, which gives you the chance to win bigger.